Innovative Industrial Mat “Air Max Clean Mat”[INQ. NO. 1712E01] Currently, the world is suffering from novel diseases caused by new viruses due to global warming and the associated unusual temperatures. Also, the increase of yellow dust due to desertification causes enormous trouble to healthy people of the world population.
With such backgrounds, Testonic has successfully developed an ‘Air Max Clean Mat’ through continuous R&D as a part of green industry. The Air Max Clean Mat developed by Testonic is installed in various entrances and contributes to creating comfortable indoor environment by blocking various bacteria, fine dust and harmful substances that are flowing indoors.
Air Max Clean Mat is a product that can substitute existing fabric-using carpets and tape type sticky mats. General carpets are difficult to manage. It’s hard to remove dust on the carpets. Although the dust can be removed in case of sticky mats, human labors are needed continuously. Sticky mats cannot absorb water and generate a lot of wastes. On the contrary, Air Max Clean Mat is a product that removes dust by sucking it. Air Max Clean Mat has an excellent effect of removing dust and long shelf life. It is also easy to maintain. Therefore, Air Max Clean Mat is much more economic and efficient than those existing two kinds of product.It has been developed in a way that even women in high heel can use it not only men and women of all ages. Convenience has been emphasized more than anything so that collected foreign substances can be simply and easily disposed. Also foreign substance-collecting capability is outstanding, boasting high efficiency (over 90% of foreign substances are sucked). Since large companies such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have already purchased and use it, Air Max Clean Mat is earning reliability a lot. Thanks to its excellent durability, there has been no return case at all so far even if it’s been six years since it was produced first. As motor capacity 280W is used, electricity can be saved. And it has high environment friendliness because it cuts off fine dust and various harmful substances. This product is highly effective for removal of fine dust, sands and especially moisture. Lastly, this product can create the maximum effect with lowest cost.
Testonic has lots of award winning career such as gold prize from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and bronze prize from the Korea Women Inventors Association and holds the certifications of ISO9001, CE and PSE. After passing in a six-month test in the home appliance division of Samsung Electronics, it is supplied to domestic and foreign branches of Samsung Electronics and has seen very good results, being also installed in Panasonic, Huawei and SK Hynix. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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