High Powered LED Lighting

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryDooYoung T&S Co., Ltd. is a company that strives to satisfy its customers and considers the environment as a priority. To make everyone happy in the world, the company does its best for the sake of a healthy society using child-friendly construction, which creates an environment that can play a major role in the fully advanced construction culture development.
High power LED lighting of DooYoung T&S, DYSL series, has been recognized for their excellence in quality so they have been designated as green excellent products along with green technology certification, green product certification, high efficient energy apparatus certification and excellent invention.



DYSL series, high powered LED lighting of DooYoung T&S, are less dazzling than existing LEDs so the light is comfortable and smooth by having realized 100% indirect light with a combination of high illumination reflector and COB surface light source in an asymmetric direction for the first time in the world. Also, they are very light with little shadow and light going further through parabolic light distribution. By applying cutting-edge ceramic technology that reduces greenhouse gas, they can reduce emissions of CO2 by up to 70% along with electricity saved.
With its combination of a 16 angle high power high illumination reflector and ceramic COB module technology, it converts LED light source in the form of direct light to indirect light with parabolic light distribution curve so it is less dazzling with little shadow. The light provided by DooYoung Super Light is very comfortable and smooth as it does not use optical lenses that cause glare. By combining a multiple-angle two-stage reflector and polyhedric COB surface light source technology, it is much more economical and efficient with light going five times further than existing LEDs. Therefore, DYSL 300W can replace existing LED light 400W and DYSL 600W can be used instead of existing LED light 800W.

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