A Leading CCTV Security Device Maker

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySince its founding in 1991, Sambo Hitech Co., Ltd. has been a leader in CCTV security manufacturing. As it required the highest technology, R&D was conducted to develop the latest products with high technology. All products of Sambo Hitech are manufactured in Korea in its own factory.
Among its many kinds of products, in particular the 1440P(4MP) AHD Camera can replace 4MP IP cameras which is used to install with RJ45 cable (LAN cable). It will not continue to manufacture CCD CCTV cameras as Sony stopped CCD sensor manufacturing, which is the most popular sensor in CCTV cameras. Instead, AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI (composed of CMOS) can be a better solution than these CCD analog cameras because the resolution is much better than CCD analog cameras. The development of CMOS modules has been speeded up so fast − from 720p, to 960p, 1080p & 1440p.
These cameras are lower priced than IP cameras. The IP camera system can support high quality but the installation cost is high. Against this, the AHD system is much simpler to install and has the same image quality as an IP camera because the image signal can be through coaxial cable. You can adjust OSD menu to use DVR as a UTC function and transmit output signal over 300 meters. Also you can see the image of Sambo’s 4MP AHD camera at 25fps (PAL)/30fps (NTSC), and see how wonderful and excellent the image is. For customers’ reference, Sambo has already developed 1440P (4MP) AHD camera and the company will launch its 5MP AHD camera in early 2018.
Sambo’s Stable & Superior CCTV camera can help you feel much safer and you will definitely feel satisfied with Sambo’s high resolution AHD camera.

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