The World’s First Tumbler-styled Blender has been focusing on developing innovative products and exporting to the USA, Europe, Japan and China based on its subsidiaries in the U.S. and China. Major product groups include electronic goods such as automatic baby food maker and wireless mixer. With these products, the company has targeted these markets, mostly for women of ages ranging from the 20s to the 50s. The estimated potential customers are around 500 million people.



QOOCA is the world’s first tumbler-styled blender that enables you to make juice anytime, anywhere and for anybody, to be your healthy little supplement in life. The micro-small motor, a product of the best Japanese company that enables QOOCA, is a powerful motor that emits very little noise and grinds fruits, vegetables and even nuts. The self-produced 3D angle blade also mixes in diverse angles and forms a spiral pillar to better grind the contents.

QOOCA’s body, with an ultra-light and micro-small internal motor, weighs less than 500g even with the upper tumbler attached, so it is convenient to carry around just like other tumblers.
You can grind any ingredient on the spot and drink fresh juice anywhere; you can seal it completely by just closing the cover; you can wash it like you’re just washing a cup; and you can use it easily by just charging it up.
By collaborating with LG Chemical, QOOCA uses the world’s first customized lithium battery. It is highly enriched with high density and high capacity. It has 50-times higher power compared with regular li-ion battery. Cleaning is so easy with every part being washed separately. In fact the entire part of the Tumbler set, except for the body (motor), can be washed separately. Just disassemble the parts and wash them all separately. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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