Video Conference System its establishment in 2000, 4NB has struggled to develop faster and more perfect solutions for wire/wireless multimedia data processing. Also, 4NB has developed independent technology through continuous research and development and has created a web video conference system, VideoOffice, web video education system, VideoSchool, Telemedicine system (E-Doctor) and web remote control.
Knowledge and experience obtained over a period of 18 years enabled the company to provide technical support to software in order to satisfy clients’ needs and it is a power for 4NB to develop notable technology development workforces. For 18 years, the company has supplied its solutions to about 1,400 government agencies and large corporations including prime court, KOTRA, ministry of education, Samsung, SK, DHL, etc.



VideoOffice is a high technology system that enables bi-direction real time video meetings. It gives users feeling of being in the same place and time with CODEC, a computer, video/audio/data system that enables video, voice, messages, and graphics for interacting remotely.
In particular, 4NB has been primarily designed to ensure customer satisfaction. Users can derive multiple benefits such as quick decision-making, cost-cutting, no extra operating expenses and a collaborative work environment. It is recommended for customers who have many meetings and business trips. It is ideal for enterprises and public offices.
Its features include the following: First, linking up with existing groupware or messenger is available. You can simply link with groupware or messenger currently used on your computer. It is possible to install it on a clientowned server. Customizing according to a client company’s specific needs is also possible. Video conference system uses high-functional encrypted module and the client company can add additional security equipment and system according to its policy. It guarantees optimum system function and no additional costs are required except when purchasing. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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