Dental Solutions Implant, Korea’s first implant manufacturer, has become the representative implant brand known to more than 80% of Koreans. Based on sales, it is ranked No. 1 in the Asia-Pacific and No. 5 in the world. It provides dental products in more than 70 countries and operates local corporations in 25 countries. The growth of Osstem Implant has a positive impact on the development of the Korean dental industry. As Osstem Implant plays a pivotal role in the implant industry, Korea has changed its status as an exporting country and has become a globally recognized country in implant clinical practice.
Osstem Implant will actively expand the area of activity that can contribute to the development of dentistry and public health. Osstem Implant will be a dental specialty company that continuously strives to create greater customer value by practicing the business philosophy of “Good is the enemy of the better.”


K3, One Guide Kit and Snap

K3 is a dental unit chair with smart technology optimized for dental clinics. Improving the precision of treatment, the simple, emotional design considering the flow line, it will bring convenience and great satisfaction to dentists, assistants and patients. It features hydraulic motor and valve (fine sinter), dental LED light, electric motor (optional) and nine color options.
One Guide Kit is a computer-guided surgery system. It is a total solution providing surgical precision and convenience, simple workflow, using a threeshaped implant studio library and shortened drilling steps without overtongue or overheating.
Snap is an intraoral camera with a user-friendly interface and simple design. It features auto-focus function, two-way shooting button and slim head design. Its specifications include CMOS (OV9712 or AR0330) senor and resolution 1.3M full HD (1280×720). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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