An Intelligent explosion-proof Camera

Withstanding Ultra-high/Ultra-low Temperature and High-risk Environment


[INQ. NO. 1804E16] Youngkook Co., Ltd. has introduced various special purpose cameras for domestic and overseas markets. In recent years, it has successfully completed the R&D of an explosion-proof camera equipped with fisheye lens. This camera is an intelligent explosion-proof camera with a 12-megapixel fisheye lens capable of 360-degree surveillance without blind spots. It is simple, light, and capable of enlarging a specific part to full HD for monitoring at the user’s disposal without mechanical pan-tilting operation. Youngkook refers to this product as the world’s first intelligent explosion-proof fisheye camera made of entirely localized main components. This camera is suitable for use in high-risk areas where explosive gases are present. Youngkook has also introduced a camera for ultra-high-temperature that can monitor the interior of a furnace.
It is a system that monitors and controls the interior of a furnace with improved high-temperature-tolerance up to 2,000° C only by air-cooling. The camera and lens are integrated into one device by using the specially designed vision tube and equipped with a wind-up (springpowered) automatic extractor.
The company explains that this camera is smaller and easier to install compared to its counterparts, featuring a variety of functions such as temperature danger zone setting, alarm, automatic temperature data backup, real-time oscillograph output, and easy parts replacement.
Another product of the company is a cryogenic camera that can be used in a -170° C ultra-low temperature. It is a system to observe the interior walls of LNG storage tanks and LNG vessels, and is capable of a 360 degree fan, 90 degree tilt, and up to 30 x optical zoom, also equipped with a special lighting that allows monitoring even in a dark environment.
In addition, it is capable of an automatic up-down lift by using a separate device, and the area where the light source and the imaging target coincide, can be closely monitored. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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