Wireless Video Transceivers

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1804E03] WiseJet Inc. is specialized for wireless video solutions with 60GHz RF technology.
WiseJet was established in 2015 based on a core technology transfer from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and recently released its first product V-JET, which is the first 60GHz wireless HDMI transceiver in Korea.
WiseJet has exhibited its products at many domestic and foreign fairs such as CES, MWC, Japan IT Week to introduce its leading-edge technology worldwide.
WiseJet’s V-JET10 & 30 are wireless video transceivers based on 60GHz RF technology for wireless connection for any HDMI devices such as PC, console, TV, set-top box, etc. V-JET transmits uncompressed FHD (1080P) video data up to 30 meters (100 feet) with zero latency (less than 1ms), and it works as a plug & play device without any setup or S/W installation.
With the two are wireless video transceivers, users can enjoy games, movies, YouTube, photos on their laptops and smart devices on the big screen without wire. By applying them, users can get rid of the space restriction caused by wires, and do presentations and video conference wirelessly. Thus, they make users’ work spaces smart.
No Wi-Fi network, no app/setup, and no interference provide an easy and reliable wireless environment. Any V-JET model allows the guest to enjoy the contents on their own devices on the screens installed in rooms of hotels, resorts, etc. It is easy to provide a service without cable installation or a complex device setup. V-JET, with P2P direct connection feature, works in outdoor environments such as campsites, caravans, etc. V-JET prevents health side-effects of smart devices such as turtle neck syndrome or deteriorating of eyesight by mirroring its display to the big screen. The support of plug&play function allows anyone to enjoy V-JET at a glance.
V-JETa is portable type of V-Jet and is specially designed for the newest devices with Type-C USB connector such as Samsung Galaxy S8/S9, Apple MacBook, etc. V-JETa is much smaller than V-JET and supports UHD (4K) resolution. V-JETa transmits up to 10meters (30 feet) and gets powered by the source device through Type-C USB cable.


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