2nd Generation Explosion-proof Camera and Underwater Camera

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1804E19] Indusvision Inc. has recently launched a second-generation explosion-proof camera and a new underwater camera model, targeting the special purpose camera market.
Indusvision’s IVEX-PL-30, an ultra-small explosion-proof camera, is an all-in-one camera, housing, exclusive multi-bracket, sunshield, and explosion-proof cable gland. It is ultra-light (2.5 kg) and can be installed by oneself easily.
The camera has obtained certifications including IECEx, an international system for the certification of an equipment to be used in explosive atmospheres, ATEX, a European explosion-proof certification, and Korean Certificate Safety (KCs) has also been verified for pressure-resistance, dustproof. and explosion proof.
With a waterproof rating of IP66 and operating temperature between -25 and 65° C, this product is highly usable because it can be used anywhere that requires explosion-proof equipment such as explosion-hazard areas including hydrogen gas areas. Also equipped with a 1 / 1.8-inch high-sensitivity low-light sensor along with 3x zoom, IVEX-PL-30 supports PoE and can be installed only by connecting with UTP cable.
Another product of Indusvision is IVEX-WB-26, a waterproof micro camera, that is installed long-term at 20m below sea level (It can be used at a maximum of 50m below sea level). Equipped with 15 white LEDs, it provides bright images from depths where light cannot reach.
This AHD model product features excellent resolution and can be monitored by the DVR installed on the vessel along with the UTC protocol. It is highly utilized in fish farms, water-gate surveillance, ship repair yards, and external ship monitoring. The price is also reasonable compared to existing waterproof cameras. Recently, Indusvision additionally launched IVEXWB- 45, a stainless steel bullet camera.
Equipped with a 2 megapixel IP 2.8-12mm AF zoom lens, this product comes in AHD and IP models. It is made by using stainless steel 316 material with corrosion resistance, antivirus, antibacterial, and chemical resistance for environmental adaptation to marine food production.

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