Drum Game Kit

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1804E04] WIFO Corporation’s new innovative and unique drum game kit, TouchBeat, turns any smart device like an iPad or iPhone into a virtual drum set. When paired with their specially developed kick pedal and realistic drumsticks, you will have a responsive, real-time drum kit experience, without the heft of hauling a full-size setup.
It can be used on a table or even strapped to your leg in order to make it possible to practice and play just about anywhere you might find yourself.
The specially designed drumsticks are constructed with anodized aluminum and a soft conductive tip which allows players to use actual drumsticks instead of their fingers without damaging the screen. As an added bonus, players can attach the remote touch simulator to the bass drum and use it as a kick pedal just like a real drum set.
It comes with a drum kit and a dedicated app to learn drums through the game. This app lets you learn basic drumming techniques or rhythm training through games. In addition, you can enjoy rhythmic performance with various genres of K-POP sound sources, and you can endlessly challenge at a faster tempo rate while raising the level.
TouchBeat can be used not only in dedicated apps but also in any other drum apps, including garage bands, and you can choose your favorite music from home, school, company, or cafe to play and record together. In addition to the drum app, you can experience various musical instruments by connecting the xylophone, marimba, and other applications, so you can learn and enjoy music more comfortably.


TouchBeat has already been selected KITAS 2017 Top10 and received explosive attention, verifying its technicality and ease of use. In addition, WIFO Corporation strives to improve reliability by winning prizes in the K-Global Startup competition, the Korea Mobile Awards, and the Minister of Science and Technology and Information. The company aims to make music life more enjoyable through creative thinking and technology.
WIFO Corporation is a domestic music technology company that specializes in producing and performing music. Thousands of apps such as music composition, performance, playing and education have been released in line with the universalization of digital devices and WIFO developed the world’s first original patented technology called the ‘Touch Screen Remote Control System’ to make users feel comfortable and intuitive Wireless Foot Controller, Page Turner, and so forth.
WIFO Corporation always wanted to find a way for everyone to enjoy and learn music easily and interestingly without feeling burdened. With the new TouchBeat, you do not have to go out to school to learn to play drums, or invest in expensive drum sets to make room for installation. With smart devices, you can play the drums freely anytime, anywhere using the company’s own kits and apps.

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