Bone-conduction Bluetooth Smart Glasses

The leading Korean optical brand “Seesun” launches bone-conduction Bluetooth smart glasses. SEESUN provides differentiated smart glasses based on sensational designs, and world-class bone-conduction technology, backed by 30 years’ experience and know-how.


[INQ. NO. 1808E06] Founded in Daegu in 2004, Seesun Co., Ltd., manufactures and exports optical frames, sunglasses, 3D glasses, safety glasses, fashion eyewear, and accessories. The leading Korean brand is noted for its quality materials, modern ergonomic designs and trend-setting styles that are high on comfort. Professional designers from Korea, Italy and Japan work in coordination with experienced technicians to create Seesun’s popular range of frames and sunglasses.
The latest from Seesun is its entry into the smart wearable device market with its B:CON-10 that is smart glasses based on a Bluetooth connection. The product is a lightweight wireless headset pair of glasses that uses Bluetooth technology and a bone conduction transducer. They can be used to take a call or listen to music, and are worn exactly like a pair of regular glasses.
Since a bone conduction transducer transmits sound through vibrations, the wearer can simultaneously hear all the external sounds in the surrounding environment as well. This ensures that there is no risk of the wearer’s natural audible range being reduced or blocked out.
The transducer’s performance is based on bone conduction, which is the normal transmission of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. Bone conduction is one of the reasons why a person’s voice sounds different to them when it is recorded and played back. As the skull conducts lower frequencies better than air, people perceive their own voices to be lower and fuller than others listening to them do, which is why hearing a recording of one’s own voice often sounds higher than the pitch of what one expects. Bone conduction transmission can be used by individuals with normal or impaired hearing.
The B:CON-10’s minimum size and weight ensures comfort even when worn over long periods and during outdoor activities. The ergonomic designs are based on 30 years of technical expertise in the optical industry. Created to provide an outstanding wearing experience, the product is a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and avant-garde style.

The smart glasses need to be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled device before using the headset for the first time. Its transmission range is within a distance of 10 metres. The charging time is up to two hours, and the calling and playing time up to five hours. Each pair is presented in a smart case with a cleaning cloth and a USB 5-pin charging cable.
The glasses are currently available in shiny black, matte black and matte white frame fronts with the temples in matte black, white or navy blue, while the BCT (bone conduction technology) silicon part is in black or white. The colour choices for the sunglass lenses are smog, gold or blue, and light-blocking lenses in blue for the prescription lenses.
In addition to 25 Seesun optical shops in Korea, the brand has a presence in over 1,200 retail stores across the country. Currently, its major markets are Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Western Europe. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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