Self-lighting Candle[INQ. NO. 1808E07] Lumos Candle recently gained a somewhat significant reputation in the local market through participation in KITAS 2018, the nation’s largest smart device exhibition. At the exhibition, the company’s world’s-first self-lighting candle LUMOS CANDLE was selected as one of the TOP 10 among the exhibits, attracting high popularity.
LUMOS CANDLE is the world’s first self-lighting candle. Even if you do not have a lighter or matches, you can enjoy the candle safety and comfortably because it automatically lights up.
It lights up just by pressing its button. Even if you have difficulty using a lighter or are uncomfortable with your hands, you can easily light it. It is a handmade soy candle made with natural ingredients. All products are made of high quality soy wax and selected fragrance oil without using paraffin. If you have used up your candle or want to use different fragrances for your candle, you can change the candle right away. Try different scents according to your mood.
It is designed as a form of pad to minimize shaking. The refill candle can fit into the pad stably so that it is safe for rocking. You can charge it easily with a mobile phone charger. You can use it for more than four months once it is fully charged (Based on use of four times per day).
Following the development of the world’s first one-touch selflighting scented candles, Lumos Candle is busy creating smart scented candles that can be linked via smartphones. Under the slogan that people’s lives can be much improved safety and conveniently through IoT technology, Lumos Candle strives to manufacture smart IoT devices that people need. Based on the big data, Lumos Candle has secured the process of IoT and smart devices.
In 2017, Lumos Candle secured a reward fund, due to the high success rate of 340%, which was offered through Wadiz’s crowdfunding. From receiving the grand prize in the regional qualifiers of Korea New Startup Convention, to advancing to the finals in the Challenge K-Startup, Lumos Candle has improved the position of its business in Korea. Currently the company enjoys a good reputation among many buyers in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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