Bluetooth Speaker[INQ. NO. 1808E09] LEEDEYEON recently introduced a new concept Bluetooth speaker, the Cork Speaker, which is expected to exceed the stereotype of the sound quality of portable speakers.
As a new, higher level of speaker than similar models, the Cork Speaker uses an empty bottle as an enclosure. Generally, when designing the speaker, the speaker’s modules and enclosure are designed as one. The sound that comes from the module enters the enclosure, and the enclosure amplifies the sound and improves the sound quality. The enclosure is very important, but it is too heavy and big. Since the Cork Speaker has no enclosure, it is small and light and is thus easily portable. Also, it is designed to be plugged on any beverage drink bottles you use. So if you play the music and plug the speaker on top of the bottle, you will experience the sound quality of a speaker that has an enclosure.
Founded in 2016, LEEDEYEON started its business together with industrial designer YT with the launch of the Cork Speaker. With a single goal in mind, collaborative networks of highly qualified talents around YT have transformed the small idea of Cork speaker into the development of a tangible end product that adds value to the lifestyle of users across the globe.
LEEDEYEON’s up-and-coming design crowd sourcing platform is a systematic approach to accelerate the product development cycle by involving collaborative networks of talents that assist in ideation, design, R&D, manufacturing, marketing and logistics.
And LEEDEYEON is about to release its latest aroma diffuser device, Aromize, in the near future. With the product, consumers can easily customize aroma by how they are feeling, according to their situation and their moods.
As the users can change the aroma whenever they want, it can be used not only in their home but also in all places where it is displayed including schools, offices, and beauty shops. Four capsules can be installed in an aroma diffuser device. Users can thus change the aroma just by pressing a button. Also, unlike the existing analog type of diffuser, Aromize can adjust the intensity of the fan that diffuses aroma, allowing users to enjoy their personalized style of aroma therapy – strongly or subtly. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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