New Concept of IoT Vaccine[INQ. NO. 1806E05] Norma participated in the Busan International Motor Show 2018 that was held at Bexco to demonstrate Bluetooth hacking of cars. Norma hacked the Bluetooth of a vehicle and vividly showed the scene of disconnection and malfunction in a short period of time.
Norma also introduced a new concept vaccine called ‘IoT Care’ that has been developed to protect IoT devices fromcyber threats. A spokesperson for Norma explained, “While the number of cars connected to Bluetooth is increasing and the numbers of potential victims for hackers are increasing, the security for the safety of drivers and passengers is weak.” He also pointed out that the process of patching the vulnerabilities after not being able to prevent security accidents with regular inspections is repeating.
Norma’s IoT Care, a new concept vaccine that has functions of Bluetooth inspection of vehicles and security of IoT. Norma’s IoT Care is a product developed to protect from security threats IoT devices connected to wireless networks of domestic users who use set-top boxes. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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