Healthy Body Shape Solution are concerned about your health, but it is not always easy to know how fit you are. People can have some outer appearance, but not have the same internal body fat.
Too much body fat causes ailments such as hypertension or diabetes. In the market, mobile healthcare solutions give you insights into heartrate and activity logs. The only devices that can give you an accurate insight into internal body fat are large and expensive machines, only available in fitness clubs and health clinics. So, it’s not always easy to check internal body fat.
In this context, anyone who is concerned about health focusing on their internal body fat needs to have a deeper interest in the healthy body shape solution of Onesoftdigm Co., Ltd., which is One Smartdiet.
One Smartdiet is only 20g and is easy to measure and take everywhere. When you touch the four contact electrodes with your four fingers, you can check your invisible body state and start professional body care anytime, and anywhere.
In fact, when the accuracy of this device is compared with medical devices, the result shows 98.8% accuracy.
Whenever you measure body composition, you can get such a diverse spectrum of information as body fat mass, body fat percentage, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR), body mass index(BMI), and body type.

It is easy to measure the body fat instead of going to a gym or a specialized organization. The result of the measurement is recorded through the smartphone application (APP).
You can download the One Smartdiet app through Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
Users can easily get highly accurate results of body composition, body type and guide to exercise and what to eat ― 36 types for females, and 18 types for males. A built-in battery and micro-5 pin are provided for easy charging. Once charged, the battery lasts 166 hours.
OneSoftDigm is an SW-developing company whose goal is “Creative OneSoftDigm” that contributes to the happiness of the whole world.
Staffed by people who take full responsibility and enjoy risk, OneSoftDigm off ers excellent technique support.
By applying these strengths and values, OneSoftDigm aims to be a leading enterprise by developing local SW and creating new value for its customers. People who are courageous and challenging can change the world and create novel things. OneSoftDigm is committed to supporting the best devices and services for its customers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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