Inno Tech Show 19th Inno Tech Show will be held for three days from August 30 to September 1 at COEX, Seoul. Its purpose is to disseminate excellent technologies of domestic SMEs and to raise the status of SMEs through spreading and sharing of innovation cases by discovering and honoring people of merit who have contributed to technological innovation.
This exhibition contributes to establishing goals for SMEs to advance, and to providing a venue for information exchange that can materialize such goals. Meanwhile, the exhibition also plays an important role in alleviating youth unemployment and the labor shortages of SMEs through revitalization of vocational education, as well as creating a social climate in which technical talents such as field workers are treated fairly.
For this exhibition sponsored by the Small & Medium Business Corporation, Korea Association of University, Research Institute and Industry, Agriculture and Fisheries Cooperation Foundation, etc., more than 300 booths plan to show various outstanding products of SMEs.
Technologies and products which participated in government R&D projects or were developed in-house as well as those excellent innovation technologies and products developed through cooperation among universities, research institutes, and industry will be displayed. The exhibition will also prepare an event space where you can experience the cutting-edge technology of SMEs. Relating to technology protection, the promotion of support projects provided by related institutions and on-site expert consultations are scheduled. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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