Robot Vacuum Cleaner[INQ. NO. 1808E04] LG Electronics has recently released its robot vacuum cleaner ‘Code Zero R9 ThinQ (Model name: R958DA•R958RA)’. It is a full-change model that replaced the hardware in three years after launching the Robo King Series in 2015. Until launching of Code Zero R9, LG has improved functions of the software like deep learning algorithm based on the same hardware.
For the new product, LG Electronics enhanced the running performance by using its unique artificial intelligence platform ‘Deep ThinQ’ while strengthening the hardware sensing technology. In addition, LG has improved the cleaning performance by installing the inverter motor that had been mounted on its living appliances in the robot vacuum cleaner.
The 3D Dual Eye mounted on Code Zero R9 ThinQ has a 3D Viewer and 3D Sensor installed that recognize objects and spaces within a range of up to 160 degrees.
Artificial intelligence technology has boosted the cognitive power and judgement of the product. With ‘the Artificial Intelligence Smart Turbo,’ the robot vacuum cleaner identifies places having a lot of dust by itself and enhances the suction power. Depending on the situation, it automatically controls the brush and running speed. It also supports ‘the Artificial Intelligence My Zone’ that selects and cleans the necessary places.
Another feature to have been applied is the Smart Inverter Motor P9 that was adopted in Code Zero A9. The product provides cleaning time up to 90 minutes and features improved cleaning performance through application of a high-performance motor. It retained suction power by adopting the ‘Dual Turbo Cyclone.’
In addition, the ‘Five-stage fine dust blocking system’ was applied to prevent dust from being discharged, blocking 99.9% of ultrafine dust up to PM 2.5. This product is the world’s first robotic vacuum cleaner that was certified by the German International Accredited Testing Institute (SLG) and the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) respectively for blocking fine dust and removing allergenic substances.
Besides, this product offers a ‘Home View’ function monitoring the inside of the house in real time or controlling the product remotely with a smartphone; and a ‘Home Guard’ function detecting any movement and transmitting photos to the smartphone. Sound can be controlled by the smartphone-specific app or artificial intelligence speaker. In addition, it features ‘anti-tangle’ technology, preventing hairs and animal hairs from getting tangled.
This new product comes in two colors of dark silver and bohemian red, and its shipment price is KRW1.49 million.
Mr. Ryu Jae-cheol, Vice Executive President of the Living Appliance Business Department of H&A Division, explained, “Code Zero R9 ThinQ satisfies all the standards of the premium robot vacuum cleaner required by customers, and only the differentiated core technology of LG has created a genuine value of the premium product.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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