3D Viewer Case

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1808E10] MOPIC offers ‘everything about 3D’ in the most convenient and competitive manner to enable people to enjoy 3D images anywhere and anytime. Combining 3D content with a 3D viewer is a 3D solution that can be applied to many industries. From an idea in 2012, through a spin-off in 2015, to commercial production in 2017, MOPIC positioned itself as a professional 3D innovator.
MOPIC seeks the strengthening of its brand awareness in the market by recently releasing its latest viewer case Snap3D that shows 3D video by pairing with smartphones. Users can enjoy 3D contents without 3D glasses.
The premium quality of 3D contents is provided by screen stabilization based on tracking a user’s viewing position. This Snap3D lets you experience 3D effects without additional equipment. The videos are saved on your phone in 3D/VR. This sophisticated technology tracks your eye movement, rendering the media in real time to fit your perspective and providing a clear and steady 3D effect. MOPIC provides clients looking for added value with the best 3D solutions. MOPIC provides solutions to everything 3D — from creating, to playing, and watching.

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