Low Ozone & Strong Deodorization Plasma Ion Generator

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1809E08] OnFace’s On Fresh is a low ozone & strong deodorization plasma ion generator by Hades module 3.0 that has reduced the risk of 99% of virus, bacteria & mold and 100% of formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, etc.
This maximizes interior effects and sensuous design based on Star Wars themes and yoga meditation. It increases 30% of ionic strength range and air purification capabilities by comparison with the same type of products. No maintenance charges are incurred after purchase.
Compared to conventional corona ion discharge emission, this is non-harmful to the human body by emission of the lowest ozone. Non-toxicity was shown through screening of toxicity during four weeks of inhalation toxicity in rats.



Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

OnFace’s premium wireless Bluetooth earphone OnFace-V3 stores all of the low/middle/high tones in it, with two speakers. Although small, it delivers sophisticated sound quality without any distortion. It uses a breathing advanced battery that will not overheat even during long use and carries its own fully charged wireless earphone cables – in a dedicated case storage.



Facial Recognition Door Lock

OnFace’s facial recognition door lock allows convenient use, even without the use of one’s hands. It enables automatic facial recognition within a certain distance. This has the capability for fast perception speed (0.3 seconds of response rate). This door lock supports multi-platform expansion and supports facial recognition even in the dark.
OnFace, as a forerunner of the software-centric converging technology and hardware, is now pioneering a new way forward for the IT history of the 21st-century beyond the bubble era. From the older hardwarecentric age and beyond hardware-software merging age, by integrating with network, OnFace will continue shaping the global industrial terrain in trivergence / wearable computing revolutionary era.
The computer vision-based technologies of Onface will be enablers for many applications, such as artificial visuals of the robot, unattended car navigation, human and object recognition by taking advantage of the camera attached to various digital devices (TV, smartphone, CCTV, PC, Mobile etc.), spatial recognition, and so forth.

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