Smartphone Bluetooth Accessories[INQ. NO. 1809E02] iCallieBLE, a smartphone Bluetooth accessory that notifies the user of a phone call, SMS or SNS by LED light, has been drawing attention recently. iCalleBLE developed by IONLABS, a company specialized in this field, is a kind of smart LED messenger and has a ‘Care’ function to prevent loss by informing the user by vibration or message when this product is distant from the smartphone to a certain extent or longer.
IONLABS is a company that develops and sells applications of smartphone accessories based on Bluetooth, middleware, hardware and IoT products. iCallieBLE, which is a smartphone accessary and the company’s flagship product, is patented and trademark-registered and has been massproduced and sold from this year. It is very useful when you cannot easily see or access your smartphone, such as when you are riding a bicycle, in the middle of a meeting, or cooking. Particularly, the ‘Care’ function is suitable for preventing pets (dogs or cats) from walking away or a child from getting lost, and it also can prevent lost things. Actually, there is a customer’s experience note, mentioning, “I was nervous about losing my millions-won luxury bike, but I could lessen my anxiety thanks to ‘iCallieBLE.’


At present, ‘iCallieBLE’ is produced in Korea by a partner and the company is in negotiations with offline stores like hypermarket or bookstore, large open malls like 11 Street and SNS distribution channel vendors on the sales plan. The company is also seeking exports targeting Japan, Europe and the USA through exhibitions in Vietnam, Japan, etc.
The company’s biggest weapon is technology above all things, developing independently its Android and iOS apps for IoT products related to smartphones. It is also equipped with outstanding abilities in middleware development for operating smart devices, hardware designing of smart devices, etc. In particular, as for the Bluetooth module, it developed and designed a module that is very useful in development of various smart devices.
IONLABS plans to develop mobile products exclusively for pets and a platform service for software education, etc. In particular, the company has already developed ‘iCareU’ for personal health check and is on the point of mass production. It is a product that can measure body temperature, heartrate and SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) and manage them with smartphone. In addition, IONLABS plans to develop a smartphone mobile product exclusively for checking pets’ health by the end of 2018. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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