Mobile Fiscal Electronic Cash Register Co. Ltd., established in 1995, has been specializing in payment systems for the past 23 years and its main business includes development, manufacturing and production of hardware and SI (system integration) development.
Based on the know-how accumulated through the development, supply and operation of devices related to SI development and payment of domestic distribution companies, it is advancing to be a company recognized even in the world market by developing products which are competitive in the global market and satisfactory to customers’ needs.
In addition, SISNET has become an enterprise specialized in the global payment system by establishing a branch in the USA and a subsidiary in Europe and having distributors all over the world. By creating its own value in the fiercely competitive market of the payment terminal, SISNET plans to become a payment system expert going to the world beyond Korea.
MCR-2100, a mobile fiscal electronic cash register, is equipped with the mobile function and also is a cash register that can mount the fiscal memory and the fiscal board (tax control unit).
Equipped with even the S/W security function as well as the H/W one, this is an excellent product for security that can protect your information from physical intrusion from the outside and also intrusion through the network.
In addition, as it is designed to be customizable to be in compliance with the fiscal law of each country, the customers can change both the hardware and the software flexibly depending on their environments. As it has a self-contained network function (GSM, ethernet), you can operate this product as a stand-alone type in the environment not requiring a fiscal function. Also, as its size is small compared with conventional equipment, this product can be installed and operated without any restriction on space and place. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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