SE CARD’s SE CARD is a next-generation security system where the pictures and purpose of visitors, which are printed on a power-free display, are visually checked. At the same time, the encrypted identification of each person is checked through an NFC tag.
This security system visually checks whether the picture and the documentary information printed on the card match with each other without using an additional device. With the E-Paper technology, the card’s content can be conveniently modified for reuse, and a QR code or barcode can be displayed if needed. This system displays input information without the need for power. Security is enhanced by the use of an NFC tag that contains a unique identifier. The access can be effectively managed by checking and uploading information through a PC or a mobile application. This system can be used for visitor passes for companies, vehicle access and parking management, controlled access to apartments (e.g., milk, newspaper, and parcel delivery, and so forth). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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