Electric Induction Range

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1810E02] Samsung Electronics last month launched a new product in its ‘electric induction range’ that has strong heating power and can be used by just plugging it in. This product is equipped with ‘the flex zone plus’ that has added twice as many heat-applying induction modules compared with the previous model to ‘the flex zone’ which can use containers of various sizes.
According to Samsung’s explanation, as ‘the flex zone plus’ has four modules, having one on each cooking zone, the product has less heat loss and makes it possible to cook evenly even if you use containers with a wide area or various types of containers.
In addition, with a power of 3,300 watts, the induction module of Samsung’s new electric induction range can reduce the cooking time of food that requires long-time heating. As it is of ‘a power cord’ type that can be used by plugging in, this product does not require separate electric work or additional installation.
Samsung explained that as the ceramic glass of EUROKERA, a French glass with strong durability and heat resistance, is applied on top of the new ‘electric induction range,’ you can use the product more safely.
Samsung Electronics’ ‘electric induction range’ was released in two types of models, ‘free standing’ and ‘built-in’, and the factory price is KRW 1.59~1.69 million.

Kim Seong-eun, Executive Director of Samsung Electronics Home Appliances Division, commented, “The electric induction range’ released this time is a product for which we made a greater effort to further differentiate the unique performance of the Samsung electric induction range by applying the aluminum frame as well as ‘the flex zone plus,’ which is an upgraded ‘flex zone.’ I think the consumers will feel more satisfied with the product that has durability and aesthetics while providing them with a more convenient cooking experience.”

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