Samsung Electronics Releases ‘Galaxy Tab S4’[INQ. NO. 1810E01] Samsung Electronics recently announced the release of its Galaxy Tab S4 in the domestic market, which is a premium tablet that can be used together according to family members’ needs.
Galaxy Tab S4 is a ‘premium tablet’ which can be used according to the needs of each family member with new functions such as ‘Family Sharing,’ ‘Daily Board,’ ‘Samsung Dex,’ etc. as well as a powerful function optimized for highspec games.
‘Galaxy Tab S4 is equipped with 6GB of RAM, 10.5-inch super AMOLED display, a larger 7,300mAh battery and four speakers that provide optimal sound experience according to the direction of the screen for the first time in Galaxy tablets, so that users can enjoy high-spec games smoothly for a long time.
In addition, it supports ‘Samsung Dex’ which enables the user to work by displaying multiple windows on the screen like a PC for the first time among tablets. You can use ‘Samsung Dex’ on the quick panel without any separate accessory and enjoy the contents of Galaxy Tab S4 on a larger screen by connecting to a monitor or TV using HDMI adaptor.
In particular, Galaxy Tab S4 has such additional functions as ‘Family Sharing’ which enables you to share the photos of special moments with your family members in real time anytime, anywhere without space constraints and ‘Daily Board’ with which you can see the shared photos with ordinary information.
‘Galaxy Tab S4’ of LTE and WI-FI will be released in black and gray colors. The price is differentiated depending on the embedded memory capacity: The domestic price of the LTE model is KRW 880,000 (embedded memory of 64 GB) and KRW 990,000 (embedded memory of 256GB), and WI-FI model is KRW 792,000 (embedded memory of 64GB) and KRW 891,000 (embedded memory of 256GB), respectively.
A spokesperson for Samsung Electronics explained, “’Galaxy Tab S4’ is a premium tablet that meets diverse needs ranging from games, to work, study, and entertainment, as well as communication among family members. We hope you to experience a new mobile life with Galaxy Tab S4, which enables all family members to enjoy it according to each individual need.”are standard. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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