Dental 3D Printer Co., Ltd., a 13-year-old company which was established in 2005, is an R&D specializing company with its own technical prowess which has research institutions specializing in medical LEDs, dental 3D printers based on dental implants. Through the company slogan, ‘Implant the Smile,’ they are striving to develop advanced products, technologies, and services to make beautiful and happy smiles for the customers.
ZENITH is a 3D printer developed by DENTIS exclusively for dental clinics. It is an advanced product that optimizes the degree of precision, output speed and range according to the dental clinical environment. DENTIS Co., Ltd. develops devices to exclusive materials with own its technical prowess with a separate research institution specializing in 3D printers, and provides an all-in-one service including sales, distribution, and A/S.
In particular, the devices developed with its own technical prowess are stabilized through numerous tests and clinical verifications. They have also reduced users’ cost by developing proprietary materials that are consumed in a cost-effective way. Particularly, as they are developing and supplying resin materials that are optimized for the distinct characteristics of the environment of dental clinics, their product quality is recognized by dental users worldwide.
The recently launched ZENITH D was awarded the Red Dot Design Award for its sophisticated product design and was recognized for its functionality as well as its design. ZENITH D has a water tank heating function which has the best output condition by maintaining a uniform internal temperature and increases DENTIS’ uniformity so it is printed out evenly at every area. In addition, precision Z-Axis Actuator can be used for high precision lamination, and the range of output is wide and it can be used variously. Equipped with superior productive power and improved user convenience.
The water tank adopts a sliding method so it can be replaced easily. Based on the accumulated technology of software, DENTIS developed a slicing program for ZENITH D, which is convenient and easy to use. Output data can be transmitted using WIFI and USB. It adopts a 4.3” colored touch screen on the printer so it can print out without PC control.
As it was developed as a core solution to realize fast and accurate digital treatment for patients at the dental chairside, its biggest advantage is its fast printing speed. It provides a total solution even for exclusive materials besides the device and S/W, it also offers systematic education and A/S so more people are using it not only in Korea, but also in countries including China, Japan, the U.S., Europe, etc. since its release in June, 2018. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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