Looking Back on K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2018

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry“K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2018,” a representative exhibition and conference in the field of domestic medical industry has been completed successfully. Every year, K-HOSPITAL FAIR has showcased the latest trends and solutions in the medical industry. Let’s trace back the main issues presented this year.


Special Exhibition For Medical Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence was a hot issue this year. Public attention was focused because the AI Based Precision Medical Solution (Doctor Answer) Bureau attended as a special representative of medical artificial intelligence and held the conference. Artificial intelligence solutions were presented for three big diseases: cardiovascular & cerebrovascular diseases, dementia, and prostate cancer.
Hospitals involved in this business including Kyungpook National University Hospital, Seoul National Univ. Bundang Hospital, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, and ASAN Medical Center and companies including JLK INSPECTION, LifeSemantics, LINE WORKS, and VUNO participated in the exhibition and presented development directions for Koreanstyle artificial intelligence.


Special Exhibition For Hospital Facilities Management

Successive fire accidents in hospitals led to recognition of the importance of hospital facilities management. Korea Institute of Healthcare Architecture and Korean Hospital Facilities Management Association covered ‘Hospital Safety’ as a main theme through the Hospital Architecture Forum and the Facilities Management Seminar, respectively. Safety management and fire preventive system related hardware companies presented the latest products and technologies, and drew keen attention from the team managers of hospital facilities management.


Patient Safety

Patient safety is an utmost priority in hospitals. In this event, many associations and companies including the Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation, Korea Medical Engineering Association, Korea Institute of Healthcare Architecture, Quality Improvement Nurse Society, and RENOSEM (a sterilizer manufacturer) held seminars under the topic of patient safety. From the participation of many medical workers, it became clear that hospitals have a strong interest in and undiminished enthusiasm in patient safety issues.


Hospital Marketing Promotion

As seminars with the topic of ‘Hospital Marketing’ were closed early, they were highly anticipated even before starting. Dailymedi held a seminar, ‘2018 Hospital Promotion And Marketing Forum: Crisis Management Hospital Promotion Strategy,’ while Google Korea and goodoc held ‘Hospital Marketing, It Is Youtube Now,’ and ‘Medical Market Changes According To Mobile Trends: From Services to Marketing’, respectively. There were so many attendees that there were many standing in the audience due to insufficient seating.
It reflected hospital managers’ troubles who want to resolve current difficulties hospital management. It is already expected what kinds of new contents will be presented next year in K-HOSPITAL FAIR that has revealed trends in the medical industry every year.

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