Air Purifier Corp, a joint venture of Global Carrier and Autech, is improving its status as a leader in the field of air conditioners not only in Korea but also in foreign countries by providing eco-friendly, high-efficient products by collaborating capital and technology with Global Carrier.
CLK developed air purifiers by grafting the aforementioned high-level refrigerating and airconditioning technology of CLK Corp as it is. It now has a line-up of commercial products and household products. Especially, the purification capability of SLIM-Z, which is a commercial product, gained recognition at AHAM, U.S. air purifier certification, as the best.
CLK’s air purifier SLIM-Z delivers perfect air purification capability based on advanced filtration system. This has double filtration structure. It makes air intake space larger resulting in faster and more powerful air purification. The pre filter(washable&permanent) of the purifier traps large sized allergens, dust and particles as well as animal hairs & dander.
The installed True HEPA filter of it can capture air borne particles 0.3microns in size at 99.97% efficiency and reduce common allergens. This filter is of activated carbon deodorized filter. This filter absorbs odors, smoke and certain VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) with high performance.
CLK’s advanced air purifier can be backed up by aerospace technology and maximizes the indoor air circulation with optimally designed inside structure not interfering air flow. This purifier allows smart cleaning & easy monitoring. This can smartly adjust its cleaning power to keep the best indoor air quality while saving the energy cost. The featured display enabling to monitor pollutant level with color change visually shows the level of pollutant & clearness of the space. This purifier allows smart monitoring for filter replacement indicator. The efficient power consumption for this purifier is as low as 61W, lowering the cost burden of the users.

Air conditioners from Carrier have top-level technology that can maintain air-conditioning and heating at a high speed of 350 km/h or faster such as KTX, etc. so they are fitted to domestic and foreign high-speed trains. They also supply eco-friendly, high-efficient refrigerating and airconditioning systems to not only homes and business establishments but also commercial and industrial facilities including large buildings, hotels, high-tech industry facilities, ships and power plants. Furthermore, they are providing customers with better air-conditioning service by providing air-conditioning systems essential for domestic and overseas cutting-edge buildings based on excellent technology. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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