Film Capacitor Electronics Corp., a professional electronic components manufacturer listed on the KOSDAQ stock exchange has been manufacturing and selling film capacitors that contribute to the global IT industry since 1973. Sungho Electronics is expanding its areas to the market of general home appliances, communications, automobiles, renewable energy, medical instruments, automated facilities, and more.
Sungho Electronics, the best film condenser manufacturer in Korea, provides high-quality, high-efficiency products that meet customers’ differentiated needs by producing raw materials and self-manufacturing equipment.
Sungho Electronics’ film capacitor dominating domestic market share is an element used in the power supply unit of every field, and performs charge/electric discharge and acts as an EMI filter. In particular, Sungho Electronics’ film capacitor uses metalized plastic film as a dielectric material, and it is a high-voltage, long-life product due to its electrical features which are strong against high voltage and excellent in durability. In addition, it is a customized product and various designs are available.


General Purpose (MPE, BMPE, FMPE BFMPE, MPP, BMPP, FMPP, etc.)

They are metal polyester and metal polypropylene capacitors which are the product group capable of producing large capacitors and excellent in capacitance stability. It can self-heal the damaged area and realizes the ignition-preventing function. It has excellent capacitance stability with low loss values and low noise is its feature. It is mainly used in PFC input filtering and AC motor running.


Resonance (NPP, BNPP, etc.)

With film & foil structure, this product has high insulation resistance and excellent current characteristics. Due to low inductance, it is used for blocking, coupling, etc. It is a highly prized-and competitive product.


High Pulse/High Frequency (NPPS, BNPS, BDMPP, DMPS, etc.)

The film & foil and double metal structure of this product has an excellent electric characteristic with high current and high frequency, and it is possible to self-heal the damaged part. Production of capacitors for high voltage is possible. It is also used for LC-filtering, switch mode power supplies, etc.


EMI Filter (CMPP, CMPS, CMPR, etc.)

This product is a metal polypropylene capacitor which is strong against voltage and explosion proof. The capacity is 0.0047~10uF and this product used the series resistance. It is mainly used for Across the line, X1&2 class, Y1&2 class, and spark quenching.


Snubber (BSEL, BSES, etc.)

This has been designed for high-current operation required to protect against transient voltage. It is connected in parallel with the semiconductor components to suppress or attenuate improper voltage spikes. It boasts high peak current, contact reliability, and low loss. This product is suitable for high frequency applications and is mainly used in power systems, electric installations and power plants. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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