Digital Intra-oral Scanner of Medit Company, an intra-oral scanner optimized with a digital device customized for Korea, is a product which became a hot issue right after its release. It was evaluated that it satisfied Korean dentists’ fastidious digital eyes by catching up on the speedy development of the digital market with excellent cost-effectiveness. It especially carved its own place in the Korean digital device market with unprecedented benefits by removing the annual fee, which was quite a burden on many clinicians using foreign devices, and offering software update free of charge.
The main reasons why ‘i500’ has become a hot issue is because of its excellent product performance and reasonable price of approximately 60% of existing products in the market. Both patients and users can scan comfortably by attaching a subminiature scan tip, 19mm in width and 15.2mm in length. It has less wrist strain with a weight of one can of coke, 276g, so it is comfortable. Also, 2 highspeed cameras are built-in, so it can scan quickly and efficiently.
High-resolution, highprecision scans are available, so a margin of a prepared tooth can be distinguished easily. Therefore, it can improve the fit of a prosthesis and show soft tissues, scale and teeth with precise color scan images. According to a thesis published in ADA Professional Product Review 2015, it is proved that it has an excellent degree of precision based on a single crown, 4.2㎛(±0.49㎛).
The scan software provided with ‘i500’ is convenient as it is user-friendly and intuitive. Users can save time in scanning through intuitive UI and concentrate more on treating the patients. Furthermore, it provides the function of automatically aligning the occlusion with a simple bite scan and calculate an upper and lower occlusal relation quickly and draws its result as a color map.
Moreover, it helps to improve work efficiency of a clinic through ‘Medit Link,’ uploading scan data on a cloud service. Users can easily share scan files of ‘i500,’ an open CAD/CAM system, and check a prosthesis manufacturing process with dental technical laboratories using ‘Medit Link.’ Also, final data can be confirmed in advance through a 3D viewer of ‘Medit Link’ and the burden for physical storage is eliminated even when it is necessary to store, like a study model for teeth straightening, because it is safely stored in a mass cloud storage. In addition, its payment management system which automatically stores and manages bills for technicians, and dashboard function which can check scan types, patient visitation rates, costs and order information at a glance. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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