Detection Sensors Inc. provides customized service to customers by self-designing all technologies related to the UWB radar sensor from its own Ultra Wide-band, radar-related SoC chips to algorithm software analyzing a radar signal.
UMAIN released the UWB-Radar 4.6 series specialized for non-contact respiration and heartbeat and the UWBRadar 7.9 series specialized for accurate occupancy detection with more reasonable prices last month. It can detect non-contact vitals with fine resolution. It makes up for the disadvantages of generally used optic sensors, ultrasonic sensors and motion sensors. It can also obtain information such as respiration and heartbeat without contact. It can be applied to various fields such as smart homes, smart offices, medical equipment, robots, etc., for monitoring old people living alone, lamp control systems and indoor-space efficiency systems.

UWB-Radar 7.9

UWB-Radar 7.9 is an occupancy sensor detecting whether there is a person in the room. It is small and has a competitive price. It is useful for electronic appliances such as air purifiers, etc., including AI speakers, intrusion detection security and backseat detection in cars of institutions with children on board.
Commonly used camera sensors have disadvantages that they cannot be installed in places sensitive to personal privacy such as restrooms, dressing rooms, hotels, etc., and cheap motion sensors have a fatal error of judging as unoccupied if there is no movement. However, UWB-Radar 7.9 judges an occupancy status accurately even in a breathing-only, no-movement condition, without invading privacy at all.



UWB-Radar 4.6

UWB-Radar 4.6, a high-performance product that can sense a person’s breathing and heartbeat, was developed for hospitals, sanatoriums, silver care, elderly people living alone, and smart offices. Previous sensors can sense respiration and heartbeat only if a target wears a sensor on his body but UWB-Radar 4.6, an innovative product, can sense even the activity level without contact. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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