Massage Chair[INQ. NO. 1811E02] HuTech has recently released KAI SLS9, which is a premium flagship massage chair and is a product created afetr HuTech’s own technological prowess reached a peak.
The sonic vibration massage program of KAI SLS9 creates optimal synergy effects by changing the amplitude and graph depending on the massage method. In addition, the music sync massage function can be used so that a piece of music selected by the customer can be linked to the massage chair and run a massage. In particular, the vitality sound mode and sleep sound mode developed in collaboration with experts enable you to enjoy a whole new experience which is completely different to anything available before. KAI SLS9 has also applied the sonic vibration massage system,’ the core of HuTech’s next-generation massage technology.
The characteristics of the sonic vibration system applied by HuTech are that it creates an entirely different massage feeling by conveying sonic straightness and waves deep into the body smoothly, as well as relieving pain and improving muscle responsiveness, thereby delivering beneficial effects to the human body.
In addition, by reflecting the standard size of the Korean physique as compiled by the Korea Agency for Technology and Standards for more than the past 20 years into the design, we have realized a uniquely comfortable and relaxed feeling of seating to enhance users’ satisfaction all the more.
This technological prowess of KAI SLS9 has already been proven once. The concept product was released at the International Medical Devices EXPO last year and release of the main product was announced at KIMES 2018 – 34th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show, and the Hong Kong Global Sources Consumer Electronics Trade Fair in March and April last year respectively, attracting people’s attention.
The design of the product is also noteworthy. In line with the preferences of social leaders, who are the main target of the product, the maker used the color of ‘imperial blue’ and ‘purple wine,’ which have not been used by other companies until now, to enhance the aesthetic appeal. The cushion of the diamond-quilted pattern seat enhances the premium sedan covers of the entire body. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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