SK D&D, Starting to Make Inroads into the Solar-connected ESS D&D, a developer of the industrial ESS, will make inroads into the solar-connected ESS. SK D&D has installed and is operating a total of 239MWh of ESS now at 12 sites and will come to commercially operate a total of 408MWh including seven sites additionally contracted. SK D&D plans to secure its position as an ESS developer with a total of 800MWh scale by establishing 600MWh of the industrial ESS and 200MWh of the solar-connected ESS by the end of this year.
Beginning with the photovoltaic power plant (13.3MW) at Jeollanam-do Yeongam F1 grand prix track in 2012, SK D&D has successfully developed and constructed the photovoltaic power generation system, which is installed in the Daegu Sewage Treatment Plant (7.7MW) and Suncheon Sewage Treatment Plant (1MW), respectively.
A related party of SK D&D said, “Based on our experience of longstanding development competence of photovoltaic power plants and experiences of ESS construction & operation, we are providing our customers with a total solution of design, purchase, construction, stable operation and maintenance of 15 years for ESS connected to the photovoltaic power plant.”
He added, “It is difficult to obtain licenses for the photovoltaic power plant due to difficulty in land acquisition or development and projects are delayed frequently on account of civil complaints. However, solar-connected ESS has advantages of reduced licensing period as a small site is utilized within the photovoltaic development site and there are almost no civil complaints.”
As the government grants the new and regenerated energy supply certificate (REC) weight of 5.0 to the solar-connected ESS by the end of 2019, the business owner can secure the profitability stably through this.
In case of the solar-connected ESS developed by SK D&D, Gridwiz will be in charge of installation and operation of PMS (Power Management System), which is key to ESS operation. After concluding a Memorandum of Understanding with SK D&D last year for jointly carrying forward the ESS business, Gridwiz installs and operates PMS for industrial ESS.
According to SK D&D, the relevant solarconnected PMS is designed with a special algorithm that can control charge/discharge in accordance with the characteristics of highly volatile renewable energy.
In addition, SK D&D operates the ESS situation room around the clock, responds immediately to abnormal situations through real-time monitoring, and manages the ESS to maintain the best performance at all times. Kim Haejung, Executive Director of SK D&D in charge of Eco Green, explained, “The market for ESS connected to new and renewable energy is expected to expand in earnest in accordance with the 3020 Policy on Renewable Energy, and we will contribute to expanding supply of ESS which is the core of decentralized power generation.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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