Laser Beam Projector is a technologyintensive enterprise. Since its establishment in November 2011, Cremotech has ceaselessly developed the laser projector. As a result, it has succeeded in developing the Pico Projector using the laser light source for the first time in the world, thereby realizing the clear color vis-à-vis the LED light source and the Free-Focus so that the consumers can enjoy the image on the large screen more easily and quickly and anytime or anywhere.
Cremotech’s laser beam projector provides the resolution of WXGA (1366x768p) which is more clear and detailed than the existing HD resolution (1280x720p), and based on the laser light source without needing the focus adjustment, it can realize the 16:9 screen as well as the 4:3 screen, and gives more vivid immersion.
This product has achieved the Safe Class 1 Laser by providing the screen brightness up to 200 lumens, having surpassed the existing limit of technology. It enables you to feel the depth perception of the image quality all the more brightly with the outstanding contrast range vis-à-vis the LED light source. Using the laser light source, Laser Beam Pro adjusts the focal point automatically without any limitation of distance and curve. You can make your own car theater, as you can watch movies without the shaking of the focal point while driving the car and can use this product in a small party or small performance venue by connecting it with a drone flying in the sky. You can also enjoy the image easily and quickly in a small meeting or lecture.
By equipping the same Android OS as that of the tablet PC, you can use this product as a kind of tablet PC. You can do the paperwork through built-in or external memory as well as the paperwork with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Laser Beam Pro has changed its design from the conventional cube type of UO Smart Beam Laser to the bar-type design that is portable that easily fits in a pocket, highlighting the portability so that it can be carried more easily. With a width of 149mm, a length of 76.2mm and a thickness of 19.4mm, this product is designed to be portable and fit in a pocket.
This product supports both the wired (Micro HDMI) and the wireless (Screen Mirroring, Airplay). As it can be connected to various media devices such as Android phones, iPhones, laptops, tablet PCs, etc., this product has improved user convenience.

As it supports Bluetooth 4.0, this product can be connected with the Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth keyboard, and Bluetooth mouse so that you can use them more conveniently. With the provided earphone jack, you can connect the wired speaker and earphone to enjoy more vivid sound quality. In addition, through the USB slot and Micro SD Card slot, this product can be used for playing the video or making presentations easy. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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