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https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryEstablished in 2012, Amplesoft. Inc. developed the IUCELL, an E-learning contents software, in 2013 and acquired patent on the contents creating method of IUCELL in 2014. In the same year, we participated in the Hong Kong ICT Expo and concluded an MOU with the local company, pioneering the overseas market. This year, we exported the IUCELL platform to Japan and achieved patent related to the big data of IUCELL platform.
IUCELL LMS, an E-learning contents software, is a program enabling the user to directly make and manage the contents for learning. This product is made by combining the contents creating tools with LMS (learning management system). It is possible to learn on PC and portable, producing various learning contents, such as English learning contents, Chinese character, Korean history, problem-based contents, video contents, etc. Management of coupon, teaching material, and teacher is possible when using the software in private educational institutes.

You can use this product without any professional knowledge in contents development, and it is possible to learn immediately by creating the contents only with the textbook and the learning data (sound, text). The contents can be classified by teaching material and can be distributed by the student and by the teacher, thereby enabling management by the unit of private educational institute and by the unit of class.
It is easy to make contents on reading, listening, speaking, writing, video, storybook, etc., necessary for English learning. It is possible to create 9 kinds of contents such as problem type, memorization type, syntax learning type, annotation type, E-book type, video type, etc., depending on the method of contents.
It is possible to quickly apply a large amount of learning materials prepared in Excel to the contents. It is also possible to register, revise, and distribute the contents in real time, and several people can work at the same time. The contents can be distributed free of charge or upon payment using the coupon function.

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