Smart RFID Casino Solution Integration Technology Korea developed the smart RFID casino solution, the first in the world and installed it in Paradise City Casino in 2016. Smart RFID casino solution is composed of four systems of Chips Management System, Smart Game Table System, Bank & Cashier System, and Card Deck Checking System.
Chips Management System, by establishing a strong security system based on the security service platform, manages all the processes ranging from production to storage, use and discard of electronic chips, and prevents counterfeiting of electronic chips, and cheating.
Smart Card Table System is composed of RFID Baccarat, RFID Blackjack, RFID Roulette, RFID Tai-Sai, RFID 3 Card Poker, RFID Progressive Poker, RFID Texas Hold’em, and RFID Big Wheel Table. All RFID game tables are equipped with the Smart Electronic Drop Box, and money can be exchanged on the table. The scoreboard of Baccarat and Blackjack was developed by ourselves, thus can be customized and is connected to the RFID system. Bank & Cashier System can manage the position of the chips in the electronic chips management system, checking any anomaly at the time of deposit/withdrawal of chips to/ from the bank and the cashier. The Cashier System enables quick and accurate calculation of chips, management of payment, and real-time monitoring of counterfeit/falsified chips, and the Bank System can manage the fl ow of chips in real time and manage Fill/Credit as the flow of chips are automatically calculated and inputted.

The Card Deck Checking System is composed of the deck checker and shredder. As it is not touched by anyone, except for the management of the card lifecycle (warehousing, using and shredding) and card input, this System has a high security level and can check the card deck quickly and accurately (including the UV function). The shredder sends the deck-checked information to the server, and the cards are sent to the shredder through the conveyor belt for shredding.
All of these processes are controlled and managed through the RFID management server, and this information can be used for the accurate payment of comps and as a marketing data. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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