OLED for Virtual Exterior Mirror

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1812E03] Samsung Display supplies rigid (hard) Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) to ‘e-Tron’, Audi’s first mass-production electronic vehicle. Following the unveiling of Audi A8 last year, the company is expanding its supply models to e-Tron this year, and is preparing for business area expansion in the automobile OLED market.
For Audi’s virtual exterior mirror, a small ‘side-view camera, substitutes for the existing side-view mirrors. From the OLED display, drivers can check images in real time taken by cameras installed in the A filler (side column of front window) in the car and between doors.
OLED displays supplied by Samsung Display are mounted on either side of the dashboard and act as cameras and existing side-view mirrors. With the built-in touch sensor, if regular side-view mirrors. Clear view can be secured more smoothly even on a cloudy day or in dark places, and an appropriate view mode is provided according to various driving situations including expressway driving, turning, and parking for convenient and safe driving.
Removing side-view mirrors jutting out from the car reduces air resistance and wind noise. Reducing the width of the vehicle body by 5.9 inches enables slim and beautiful design.
Samsung Display explained that the OLED applied to the virtual exterior mirror is designed thin and light with lower power consumption and provides the best sight solution. With outstanding color reproduction, perfect black color expression, and quick response speed, it provides natural and clear images without any image dragging effect even in low temperature environments.
Samsung Display supplied 5.7-inch OLEDs for rear seat controllers for the A8 model launched by Audi last year. It is a touch panel enabling one to adjust in-vehicle functions like playing music from the rear seats.
The industry expects that Samsung Display will secure additional automobile clients. Because both flexible and rigid OLEDs are available, it is quite feasible to enter the market with various product groups. Samsung Display is a late starter and has no experience in the automobile liquid crystal display (LCD) business, but there is a possibility of business expansion, because automobile manufacturers are adopting OLED as one of the innovative technologies.
Jiho Back, an executive director of Samsung Display explained, “It is encouraging that Samsung Display’s OLED is mounted on Audi’s virtual exterior mirror, which proves that OLED is optimized for cutting-edge systems in vehicles. Utilizing unique and differentiated features and advantages of OLED, such as high-definition, design availability, and low power consumption, we will also advance in the automobile display market.”

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