Far-infrared Radiator

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySince its establishment in 1999, Myungshin Medical Co., Ltd. has produced and sold dome-shaped far-infrared radiation beauty therapy heaters, which are both convenient and efficient in improving cold constitution, detox and weight loss and relief of joint pain, applying its patented technology of surface heating elements. It has obtained KFDA certification in Korea, FDA and CE certifications from Europe, TFDA certification from Taiwan and CCC certifications from China. Currently, the company exports to Belgium, Sweden, the USA, Hong Kong, Australia and Taiwan.
Myungshin Medical is the best company in its field in Korea based on the accounting records of 2014 – with sales exceeding one hundred million won. The company is the only one to finish clinical trials for obesity treatment and has been registered by the FDA in 2012. Currently, it is in the process of obtaining MOH approval from the UAE while working to export to China. Myungshin Medical will strive for continuous product development by strengthening convenience, technology, and efficiency.
Eventually, it wants to advance as an innovative global company as Korea’s proud medical leader that prioritizes the health of its customers.


VADIVA Slide – Far-infrared Radiator

VADIVA Slide is an item that can assist both health and beauty thanks to its fat-reduction effects, blood-circulation improvement effects and pain-relieving effects. It is free from radiation danger by using a carbon-based heating element. It can be effective for accident sequela, stomach pain, joint pain, neuralgia and other senile diseases.
This device will eventually substitute drugs or lower your dependence on them.
VADIVA Slide covers the whole body in a form of slide so the volume can be reduced with its 2 gear sliced forms. Its logistical cost can be also minimalized for the same reason. However, it can be used freely for plus-sized people as the dome’s interior is large enough. Its application includes hospital, skin care shop and household.
ZenBeam is another far- infrared radiator, which is easy to use and classy with two-tone design. Its main application is for the abdomen, but it can be used for various other areas where applicable to relieve pain and accelerate blood circulation.

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