Advanced Solutions for Banknote Processing, ATM, Kiosk Industries, Inc. is a leading company in the field of banking automation and self-service solutions for decades since establishment in 1991, manufacturing banknote counters and sorters, check scanners and various printer modules for ATM, Kiosk industries. Supplying his products to retails, financial institutes including banks, the brilliant and stable quality has satisfied esteemed customers over 70 countries in the world.
MECHATRO is most innovative company listed as INNO Biz Company and R&D center has strong core technologies like digital image recognition processing technology and high-precision mechanism design, manufacturing technology. Mechatro is developing and providing useful machines by combining core technologies and peripheral technologies.
MTP-8100PL is an A4 thermal printer with Ethernet and fast USB 2.0 interface. It can print at high speed up to 150mm/sec with 300dpi fine resolution. Its powerful mechanism can pull an 8inch (O.D 200mm) paper roll at these speeds, and the ‘removable platen roller’ design provides for quick and easy paper jam removal. Paper retraction function after printing and auto cutting system make MTP-8100PL the most reliable solution for Kiosk printer.
Clear series, multi-currency banknote counter & sorter is the outcome of highly advanced technology accumulated for long period by Mechatro. From a compact size two pockets counter & sorter to a three pockets banknote sorter,
Mechatro has been launching customized banknote processing solutions since 2007. ClearQ is a banknote counter with counterfeit detection capability, which providing non-stop processing of banknotes at high speed. It has fine resolution dual CIS(contact image sensor) option enhancing machine performance and stability. Its fitness sorting variants arms ultrasonic sensors enabling to separate unfit notes clearly from fit notes by analyzing the level of stain, hole, repair, fold in accordance with banknote recycling framework of European Central Bank and other Central banks.
ClearJ is a vertical type high volume banknote processor which has twice taller hopper (1,000notes) and two large stackers to carry out a large quantity banknote sorting process on the desk. Mass volume note sorting is an essential requirement from CIT companies and lots of cash centers. The two stackers help user classify a bundle of mixed banknotes into a group of the same denomination and the same face orientation.
ClearM is the most brand new model with very small and incredible lightness. Touch screen LCD interface helps users choose icon easily and clearly what they want and the dual user switch buttons on both sides give much more convenience to customer.
By pressing switch button, the screen changes to the previous mode and two users can count diff erent currencies on each side of the machine All the banknote counting machines have additional options such as dual user switch button, integral printer, connectivity (USB, LAN, RS-232C serial). New currency data update can be done easily by USB memory stick. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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