Innovative Digital Signage For Display Windows Co., Ltd. has acquired competitiveness via its procurement market experience. It has been operating in the fields of information management, analysis and education.
Starting with providing procurement information in 2000, it has expanded the scope of business to areas related to procurement service, such as bidding consulting, bidding education, bid analysis, etc. Currently, the company has more than 200,000 customers participating in the Korean procurement market through its services.
DongJin has more than 17 years of advanced IT technology and marketing know-how. The company has been certified as an excellent company for new growth engines of Korea. With its digital signage, it has been designated as a high technology company with patents for advertisement display systems using smart film screen.


DonStop – Innovative Digital Signage

DonStop is an innovative digital signage for display windows where smart film can be turned to transparent or opaque mode for advertising. It is the most intense and eye- catching display for retail stores. DonStop is different in many ways from other conventional digital signage. First, it can be controlled to be either transparent or opaque so it can maximize effectiveness of advertisements with special display features. Second, rear projection display allows unsurpassed brightness, contrast and viewing. Third, it is a DIY advertising where you can edit your own ad in five minutes through web-editor. Lastly, you can create various advertising contents by updating the high-quality templates.

An overview of the Donstop smart shop platform service is as follows: It includes an advertisement editor, with which you can modify and edit your own advertisements, by providing templates developed by marketing experts.
The advertisements can be viewed through projectors according to their schedules or effects with the app stored inside the control box of the projector. The projector control box controls advertisements and hardware devices through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In summary, you can edit templates and make your own ads, control their schedule, and turn your ads on or off via the Web and mobile app from any location and at any time. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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