EV Trend Korea 2019

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryEV Trend Korea is the only EV exhibition taking place in Seoul where potential customers for EVs are expected to grow more rapidly than any other regions in the nation.
EV Trend Korea is being held in order to contribute to the expanding popularity of EVs among the public and to inform the citizens of EV culture, led by the government, in line with the global trend where demand for eco-friendly EVs is on the increase.
EV Trend Korea 2019 is supposed not only to unveil EVs that will lead this year’s trends, but also to present all aspects related to future vehicles including autonomous vehicles, connected services, AI technologies, car sharing, etc.
This exhibition is sure to be popular, based upon the fact that this is the most representative EV exhibition in South Korea and it is the only such exhibition to be professionally held in Seoul, with optimal timing for EV marketing among concerned parties.
This exhibition is to be held for the first time in South Korea this year, creating an expectation for potential numerous business outcomes.
And as the organizer is engaging in the swiftest, most effective marketing activities for the maximized effects for the exhibitors, any potential exhibitors are heavily likely to reap greater business result than ever.

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