Chemical Pumps 1986, Traco World started its business by importing plastic chemical pumps – undeveloped products at that time in South Korea – and providing technical support in the field. Over the past few years since then, Traco World has attempted to fully supply various kinds of related chemical equipment. And now Traco World has grown into a company that has the capability to supply total solutions for the relevant equipment for PCB, LCD, semiconductors, steel, chemicals, plant, environment, etc.
Also, currently Traco World holds high market dominance by independently developing and importing special plastic pumps, valves, pipes, and various kinds of plastic boards – which feature high corrosion resistance and are essential for the manufacturing process of chemical pumps and relevant devices, plumbing fixtures. Thus, Traco World has high levels of direct and relevant technologies and can fully meet any demanding services of its customers.

Traco World was determined to further swiftly respond to client companies in order to give trust to them. And it will do its best to become a more reliable company in the market through ceaseless efforts in technology development and quality improvement. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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