PCB Matching Platform System

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryCheese PCB is a PCB matching platform that connects someone who wants to have PCB with a PDB manufacturer. In this process, first, someone who wants to have PCB needs to upload the data on manufacturing of PCB into Cheese PCB. Next, many manufacturers who want to manufacture PCB signal their intent to manufacture the PCB by presenting the price level and manufacturing schedule they each want.
The client for PCB selects the manufacturer who presents ideally the price, quality, and schedule for the client among the many examples presented for matching. This system is the first materialized in the world and is worthy of being called a new PCB manufacturing platform that leads new paradigm in that field. With this PCB matching platform, both client and manufacturer can thus benefit.
Through this convenient one-stop process, the client for PCB can receive more advantages among many conditions from many manufacturers and the manufacturer can select a model that best suits its technology level and schedule.
Moreover, Cheese PCB leads to structural changes in the sales environment from the existing consumptive offline sales into new online sales, and thus greatly contributes to the profit model improvement of each manufacturer.

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