High-definition Visual Inspection System

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryVisual inspection, magnifying glasses, and microscopes are generally used as product inspection methods in industrial sites. Such methods, however, require a long time of inspections and thus lead to the sharp decline of productivity by causing fatigue increase, declining sight, and lack of motivation for workers.
As a result, many workers in industrial sites are reluctantly choosing to leave their work, causing greater loss to businesses.
Accordingly, the high definition visual inspection system developed by Dae Duk Image Corporation is strongly recommended. If workers can use this system, they can be definitely free from being exposed to fatigue increase, declining sight, and lack of motivation for works. This product can thus provide a better working environment to workers and increase the operation efficiency significantly.
This visual inspection system is largely used for production-related inspection in all areas of industries. Currently Dae Duk Image largely manufactures three models of high definition visual inspection system – FPCB230, FPCB430, and FPCB320.
These models, having much in common in functional features, can directly store the high-definition image at a camera and measure the targeted object by using non-complicated measuring software without a computer. These models’ shutters can be operated manually. The image size to be stored is 1920 x 1080x 240 bit. The pixel of the image to be stored is 2.75 x 2.75 um. The exposure of the three models can be adjusted both automatically and manually.
Established in 1999, Dae Duk Image Corporation is a professional image and analysis equipment company that supplies image interpretation and analysis equipment including visual inspection equipment, microscope system, industrial X-Ray inspection equipment, EDS, etc.
Dae Duk Image has made ceaseless efforts for improvement of service technology and customer satisfaction and it is thus considered a highly trusted company by its clients based upon its high-level technology, honesty, and sincerity.
Since Dae Duk Image’s products are medium-and low level priced industrial inspection equipment, its equipment’s manufacturing can be customized according to each client company’s specific requirements in the manufacturing process.

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