Mini Humidifie recently announced the launch of its Pix Pure One Mini Humidifier with a large water tank and LED mood lamp.
Fix Pure One Mini Humidifier is a mini humidifier that moisturizes the dry surrounding air that causes colds in winter. The humidifier is loaded with the functions of LED mood lamps for sleeping and breastfeeding among others. Equipped with a large water tank that can hold up to 420 ml of water, the humidifier can work for up to 17 hours on one filling and is capable of spraying up to 50 ml of steam per hour, keeping indoor air properly humidified, faster than other humidifiers.
Fix Pure One Mini Humidifier with an interchangeable filter can be used without concerns about germs spreading over time, and its ergonomic 75-degree spray angle allows you to set the direction of injection in the desired direction without losing steam in the air.
In particular, it is possible to use the humidifier in a car which can be dry due to the use of a heater in winter by connecting it to the car via a USB connector. The device is also easy to manage after use because it can be cleaned with water.
“The mini humidifier is an essential smart product that is used as an essential item every winter. It is also evolving in performance as well as design,” said Park Min-gyu, CEO of Humanworks that runs App Story Mall. “Fix Pure One Mini Humidifier is a safe humidifier that is free from fire or malfunction concerns thanks to its automatic power-off design.”
Established in 2005, Humanworks is a company that manufactures and services Internet contents in order to contribute to a more convenient world filled with young and creative spirits.
Humanworks now meets clients’ various levels of requirements with many sectors of services areas including game portals targeting children, game development, smart community, app magazines, IT shopping malls, etc. Humanworks was determined to become a major Internet contents company leading the smart generations while putting into practice customer-oriented thinking based on the approach through which customers’ dignity and happiness is most highly emphasized. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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