Fingerprint Sensor recently announced that its subsidiary Canvasbio developed a fingerprint sensor, CB2400, which is optimized for the sides of smartphones.
This product is characterized by a 2.2 mm decrease in its width, which enables the product to match the slim sides of smartphones. Recently, smartphone makers tend to minimize the sizes of home keys and speakers in order to maximize the smartphones’ front screens. A design trend is gaining pace whereby smartphone makers aim to implement full-screens for smartphones. Therefore, an attempt is being made to move fingerprint sensors, which were till now located on the fronts of smartphones to the backs or sides. CrucialTec fingerprint sensors are made for the smartphones’ sides.
A CrucialTec spokesperson remarked, “Side fingerprint recognition is advantageous in maximizing battery spaces while increasing the sizes of front screens even though it faces space limitations due to slimmer mobile phones, and the accelerated adoption of curved glass. As we have the experience of producing fingerprint recognition modules for the sides of smartphones in Japan and China, we will sharpen our business competitiveness by combining sensors and modules.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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