Smart Factory Platform, a specialized company for smart factory, recently released an upgraded version of its smart factory platform ‘wimfactory’ – which was applied with industrial analysis engine ‘Snipe’ and thus upgraded into a 1.5 version in both hardware and software – aiming at leading the smart manufacturing market this year.
The wimfactory – composed of hardware ‘WICON’ collecting and transmitting data on sensor and production facilities and software ‘WIM-X’ that stores, visualizes, and analyze data – is an upgraded version of the smart factory platform in terms of speed, stability, accuracy, and analytical skills. In particular, the WICON 1.5 version has proven its capability in the field application for last year.
Thus, wimfactory 1.5 supplies five more intensified solutions for smart factory, namely, facilities management, output management, quality management, environment management, electricity & energy management. The manufacturing company monitors the operation state of facilities, operational rate, based upon sensing data on a real-time basis and senses the abnormal signals of a facility in advance. And this product allows users to stably and swiftly measure output, grasp the cause of the quality change, and manage quality for process improvement, etc.
The company’s president Kang Hak-ju explained “Through our successful release of wimfactory 1.5, we could see the upgraded device (H/W) measuring and collecting data and the upgraded solution (S/W) monitoring, extracting, and analyzing the collected data.
The solution was reborn into more powerful one in terms of speed and stability. We expect our company to draw more attention than ever before in the smart factory markets both domestically and overseas.”
The smart factory platform wimfactory 1.5 can be used with a cloud-based type of SaaS and PaaS and a private type of server construction only for smart factory.
Currently, wimfactory 1.5 is being adopted not only in South Korea but also in overseas markets including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. for such various areas as medical equipment manufacturing, and automobile parts manufacturing. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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