Premium Digital X-ray Devices Medical Solutions Co., Ltd., a leading medical imaging device manufacturer, participated in the 35th Korea International Medical and Hospital Equipment Show(KIMES 2019) to showcase ‘Innovision,’ which holds the top position in domestic digital X-ray market as well as cutting-edge medical devices including fluoroscopy, mobile X-ray, mammography, and C-arm X-ray.
This year, under the catchphrase, ‘DK, New Paradigm,’ the company will present products with new technologies that can provide users with more concentrated convenience and innovation, moving beyond the performance that X-ray devices have conventionally provided. The manufacturer is also set to deliver the message that “the topic DK Medical introduces will become a new medical environmental paradigm.”
Elin-T7, a premium digital X-ray device that is newly introduced, boasts upgraded design and performance called ‘Auto Position’ that enables users to move the device with a single touch.

Moreover, new values will be presented by ‘EOS,’ a new medical technology that helps acquire 1:1 AP/Lat simultaneous X-ray images without distortion with a single scan, ‘Tomosynthesis’, a new medical technology that enables high-resolution tomographic scan without any metal artifact, ‘RSM’, a real-time technology of latest angiography devices and ‘2Ceiling’ system, which is also an innovation in X-ray imaging with maximized space and workflow.
A DK Medical Solutions spokesperson explained, “KIMES 2019 featured products with new technologies that can transform the conventional paradigm, which can not only provide more meaningful diagnostic values clinically but also provide enhanced convenience at hospitals,” adding that “the company will become a leader in the market with differentiated products.”
DK Medical Solutions, which has focused on developing various diagnostic radiology devices since its establishment in 1986, enjoys sustained demand by providing various solutions that accurately reflect customers’ needs. Based on the company’s accumulated know-how and technology, DK Medical Solutions also exports its digital X-ray ‘Innovision’ globally while standing at the forefront of Korea’s medical industry through sustained technological development.

‘Innovision’, No. 1 Digital X-ray Market in Korea
‘Innovision,’ which has positioned itself as the top product in Korea’s digital X-ray market, is now being upgraded to ‘2 Ceiling’system with two ceiling tubes. The ‘2 Ceiling’system is a new technology that enables a single device to perform like two X-ray devices as two tubes are connected to a single generator.
The two tubes are each responsible for stand and table imaging, thereby enabling users to use the device without having to move the tubes according to positions. This increases user convenience while decreasing examination time, and thus allowing users to focus more on patient care. In addition, it also enables auto stitching when scanning the whole body, and other functions including open-type table and accurate auto-tracking, which maximize user convenience. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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