Mobile X-ray System positioning is possible with the arm-free stop function. This means that operation can be easily carried out. With compact design and light weight, movement is easily possible. For safety and design, an internal brake system is installed. This mobile X-ray system is called a semi-permanent power supply type. The internal brake system reduces the risk of injury and improves its aesthetic value.
User can expose the unit after changing and stopping the X-ray head in a four-way direction without a locking lever and gas shock absorber. For control, the user can set eight modes of APR with easy operation. Control panel is available both with the hand switch and remote controller for exposure.
BEMEMS Co., Ltd. has the full product range of mammography from analog to digital mammography including mobile X-ray and portable dental X-ray as a specialized manufacturing company for X-ray equipment. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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