Wearable Cameras

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryLINKFLOW is a hardware company that produced the FITT360 series of the world’s first wearable camera. The 360-degree wearable camera preserves and transmits memory through a 360-degree video.
The FITT360 series includes the B2B model FITT360 SECURITY used in the security sector effective at recording scene-evidence 360-degree wide. The B2C model FITT360 is used in the VR field enabling consumers to create 360-degree VR videos. The FITT360 SECURITY presents a whole new level of surveillance camera, extending the scope of vision to 360-degrees. The wearable form of 360 camera comfortably and safely captures scenes, functioning as a personal “black box” for officers and thereby improving the security environment. FITT360 SECURITY is for security (police, malls), medical (EMT), or other fields that need to gather on-scene evidence (e.g. firefighters).
The FITT360 is a wearable 360° VR Camera which films 360° omni vision of oneself while wearing it on the neck. The device’s Wearable-Form-Factor provides videos in FPV (First-Person View) precisely conveying one’s experience and enables individuals to easily record and share experiences through a 360° virtual reality video. The FITT360 can be used in fields such as traveling, extreme sports, or as a personal surveillance camera.
LINKFLOW was a spin-off from Samsung in 2016 and is now operated by professional engineers with more than 17 years career experience in the Samsung mobile communication unit.

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