IoT Platforms is a company that launched some new IoT platforms – smart home cameras, smart home doorbells, and AWS-based cloud servers ― under a new brand name, EGLOO; all of which provide enhanced security functions more effectively and conveniently. Its expertise in making cameras and establishing highly stable servers will offer a one-stop solution for the IoT world.
TRUEN has been a leading company that manufactures IP cameras and video servers for over a decade, and with considerable experience and know-how in making high-end cameras. Users can now keep an eye on their homes even though they are away from home.
The EGLOO smart home camera with cloud and features such as the full HD picture, auto night vision and easy/multi-access will keep users’ life spaces safe and secure.
EGLOO smart home doorbell with the cloud and features such as full HD video, two-way audio, PIR sensor, wide angle view, waterproofing and UV resistance will be the sole solution for all. Even though you are far away, you need never again to miss your visitors and worry about crimes.
TRUEN’s self-developed EGLOO cloud server provides all the conveniences for users such as live streaming, playback, big-data storage and bank-level security. ELGOO cloud server connected to smart home doorbells and home cameras will protect and improve users’ quality of life. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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